Many are capable of selecting sites for casual dining restaurant and entertainment venue concepts. What distinguishes Foremark’s restaurant site selection work is the criteria we select and the rationale for the method of securing the right site.

Our clients are experts in the business category in which we operate: casual dining, fast casual, and entertainment. We understand the unique business models of each of our clients – the distinctive attributes, culture and market appeal. Each has its own basis for determining acceptable location performance, usually measured across several metrics. And each has its own operating plan that determines – far beyond site location – what real estate is suitable for the concept. We can qualify a site’s appropriateness and ultimate worth because we understand our partners’ businesses.

Apart from the influence of category and customer knowledge, our broad market knowledge is critical to our site selection and acquisition process. Too frequently, restaurant and entertainment companies are unduly influenced by the opinions of territory-bound brokers.

The broker-guided company is predictably forced to consider one part of town or the other, opposed or predisposed to this town or that. Our clients rest assured that prospective commercial sites satisfy exhaustive criteria, not the boundaries of a sales territory.

We operate with the full understanding that sometimes the quality of our work will not be revealed until after the site has been acquired and the restaurant opens. Despite the satisfaction derived from placing a new restaurant, the location and financial agreement from resulting negotiations via either lease or sale must provide the best chances for competitiveness for years to follow. This is how our performance should be judged, and we make this as clear to our clients as we do to our Foremark associates and consultants. Our value is determined and our relationships are sustained because we work closely with our clients throughout their most rapid expansion periods, regionally, and nationally, monitoring site quality and its relevance to store performance. Operationally our clients endeavor to deliver the customer experience that enhances their brand and builds loyal patronage. Foremark’s involvement ensures that the real estate component of their business is a key element of that success.