Sometimes, despite obvious performance-based criteria, the emotional attachment to a property can blur judgment. The inclination to resist, to hold hope and place faith in promising commercial indicators, can be irresistible. In other instances, unanticipated changes in real estate agreements affect operating metrics immediately, eliminating the chance to anticipate, plan accordingly, and act prudently. Too frequently, these dynamics result in decision delays that worsen the problem. Disposition is difficult; overdue disposition is more difficult.

At Foremark, we believe that real estate property disposition decisions are both rational and emotional, a careful balance of intelligence and instinct.

Through careful research and methodical execution, we provide restaurant and entertainment partners objective insight into prospective disposition matters to afford them a clear, unbiased perspective necessary to make the tough decisions. Our job is to provide criteria and rationale based on our client’s operating model and brand concept along with our own market knowledge and experience, so that when our partners make the determination to dispose, they do so with confidence, knowing they have made the proper decision based upon a dependable foundation. And once the decision to dispose has been made, we assist in executing the disposition by providing negotiation and selling services and contract amendments such as lease terminations or buy-outs.